Exhibition: November 4-19, 2016
with Kathy Leisen at Popps Packing, Hamtramck



The 1973 sci-fi film, “Soylent Green” is set in an overpopulated and polluted Earth where only the super wealthy have access to the luxurious black market of real food. The year is 2022. One of the film’s central characters is an elderly police analyst named Sol, who remembers a time when the planet was a place of natural beauty and fresh produce. Time is People! is a short experimental film that merges the artist’s and Sol’s commiserations of ecological loss into a shared memorializing experience.

The film is shown inside Chaos Ramp, a large-scale sculpture inspired by the elective euthanasia scene in "Soylent Green." Evocative of a child's fort or an amorphous coffin, the exterior of the sculpture is suspended 20 feet high from the ceiling. It is a cascade of tomato cages, black streamers, and various tarps that spread over a precariously resting central beam of black pipe that is loosely attached to gallery pedestals on either end. At the head and the foot of the sculpture are piles of dirt, chunks of rock and poured concrete. Other "artifacts" from the artist's life, such as chairs damaged in recent floods, herbs from her garden, and a tea cloth screen printed with André Masson's Acéphale drawing, are placed in and around the piece. Viewers are invited to climb inside the Chaos Ramp and rest on the artist's personal blankets and pillows while watching a video loop of Time is People!

Other components of the exhibition include a printed text installation, a wall-mounted vinyl text, and hand-screened T-shirts, interspersed amongst works by co-exhibitor Kathy Leisen.

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